The Matrix of Twelve

We are naturally tuned to the dynamic of twelve through our bodies and senses and though it is not at all easy to encompass the twelve-fold reality intellectually we are free to look closely at its various parts and the relationships between them. As we work, through body, mind, space and time with twelve we grow in knowledge of our multifaceted being in the world, the glorious body. See Astrology.

The twelve distinct and interdependent anatomical regions of our bodies with their main attributes experienced as frequencies of energy, strata of substance, and arenas of consciousness, can be used as twelve conceptual frameworks each with its nature and mood, tasks and perspectives. These twelve give us ways to dance, meditate, feel, think and be. A matrix of twelve allows diversification its full range so oneness and its operations becomes real to us in each of its individual expressions and in the sum total. The realm of Ether transcends the matrix of twelve and is their source.

The human body is a tuner, receives and transmits the frequencies that vibrate throughout the twelve-fold universe. The names of these frequencies vary from system to system. Astrology lists them as the signs, or realms, of the Zodiac with their particular attributes:

In the table below, we see each of the twelve realms of the body with, from left to right, its main attribute, its zodiac name, polarity charge, partnership of elements and the characteristics of that partnership. Select an item to view a short dance clip representing that realm and detailed information.
Impetusariescardinalearthy Firesight & yielding
Poisetaurusfixedwatery Earthstability & malleability
Speechgeminimutableearthy Airrelating & articulating
Provisioncancercardinalearthy Waterfeeling & shaping
Strengthleofixedwatery Fireconcentrating & radiating
Measurevirgomutableairy Earthrefining & assembling
Balancelibracardinalfiery Airfocus & distribution
Stimulusscorpiofixedfiery Waterrhythm & regeneration
Directionsagittariusmutableairy Firepropelling & aspiring
Structurecapricorncardinalfiery Earthlimitation & endeavour
Freedomaquariusfixedwatery Airverticality & play
Unitypiscesmutableairy Waterabsorbing & including