The Knowledge

There is a knowledge encoded in the material frame and substance of our bodies of how we may refocus and regenerate our entire being. This knowledge simultaneously releases the body from the cellular imprints of conditioned thought, feeling and action and refashions it into a vessel able to contain a living consciousness of Oneness.

Working with the partnership between silent stillness, Siva, and manifestation in all its dynamism, Sakti, is central to the awakening of the body into Oneness. Boundless essence, ether, space or the unknowable unmanifest, HE, projects himself into manifestation, SHE, and hides from himself in the involvement. HE, the essential self is progressively revealed to himself through the unfolding evolution that is the Mother''s action. We, in our minds and bodies, are the stage on which this partnership unfolds.This is the unfolding called in Kabalah, the activated Merkava.

In partnership, there is harmony and mutuality but there is also every degree of polarization from disagreement to alienation, from loneliness to mutual destruction. Often distracted in our thoughts, agitated in our energies and physically dull, we embody separation and are tragically oblivious to our evolutionary destiny which is to become:
luminously unified in our consciousness,
powerful and vibrant in our energy,
happy and whole in our physical being.

The knowledge that is encoded in our bodies is a living intelligence of a cosmic order.The body is :

empty space,
freely moving air,
the radiant force of fire,
the resilient flow of water
and the organized solidity of earth.

For the key to this dynamic unfolding of a unified field of consciousness, energy and substance, we invoke the twelve partnerships of elements that make up the matrix of the Zodiac and produce, in the cosmos as in our bodies, the *twelve* attributes and their realms.
With access to these twelve realms of our being we learn to understand each of them in our body as we explore the wealth of relationships between them.

Seven: three and four in the twelvefold matrix
At the core of the twelvefold matrix of manifestation are seven planes, or worlds.
The three higher levels are the essential formless reality within us that accomplishes its evolutionary descent into the manifest reality of the four lower levels. In response to this descent, the forms of manifestation that are shaped and expressed in relationship reflect their source above and unfold upwards to reunite with their origin.

The eternal pulsation of descent and ascent produces twelve primary frequencies of energy that are at once states of consciousness and grades of substance; these twelve pulsations are products of the continuous play between the subtle reality of three and the concrete reality of four:

Truth ofbeing
Consciousness ofself
Bliss ofspace
descends into, and becomes,

The fourfold manifestation makes its evolutionary ascent to reveal its partnership with essence. Equally, truth-consciousness-bliss, must descend to be expressed in air, fire, water and earth. Each of the four elements below interacts with each of the other three for example fire must interact with water air and earth This is how threefold nature above is reflected in fourfold manifestation. The body is thus revealed as the twelve realms of the cosmos and the twelve sites of the dance of creation.