The Practice

Research into the living attributes of the glorious body combines those technical and creative aspects of dance, meditation and healing that encourage silence, power and love to permeate and awaken the material structures of our being. The practice is presented on the website as contemplations, instructions for exercises and video clips.

Given the prevalent condition of our apparently separate bodies, hearts and minds, full of dullness (*kapha*), agitation (*pitta*) and distraction (*vatta*), as designated in Ayurveda, we aim to transform these natural imbalances into the coordinated qualities of density, intensity and luminosity (*tamas*, *rajas*, *sattva*) which constitute wellness and well-being. With deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), meditation, movement exercises, dance and conscious breathing we claim our true balanced state and lose the sorrowful and erroneous sense of separation.

To bring alive the organic relationship between essence and manifestation we explore an orientation that includes both, the stillness of the vast and the dynamic life in the body, learning to breathe and to focus the attention in response to the ever changing demands of this balance.

In this practice the dance arises, not from the familiar and conventional desire to “express oneself”, but from the direct perception of the all encompassing field of conscious energy and substance, spontaneously shaping itself and vibrating as an unpredictable flow.
Using shamanic, kabalistic and tantric methods that promote perceptual integration of the inner and outer fields of the body/soul continuum, we learn to navigate the flow of consciousness-energy-substance, and enter the dimensions of:

  • the 1 luminous sphere,

  • the dance of the 2 in one,

  • the 3-fold essence, satchitananda (truth-consciousness-bliss)

  • the 4 levels of the Tree of Life: emanation, creation, formation, action

  • the alchemy of the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space)

  • the 6 human faculties: spiritual, material, psychic, executive, vital and intellectual

  • the 7 chakras or levels of existence (mineral, vegetable, animal, human and bliss, consciousness, being)

  • the 12 partnerships: of the 4 elements, that create the 12 attributes and their realms which are the frequencies of the universe and of our bodies.

There is music and silence in a session, movement and stillness, refining and strengthening of the individual, adventure, intimacy, transcendence. Assessment of the process of growing, individually or as a group, into the consciousness of oneness, is made through discussion, artwork and video feedback.

On this website the Matrix of Twelve and the Mystery of Seven have experiential contemplations, video clips, charts, diagrams and instructions to guide you through the practice. See The Book for more information about the practice as well as the theory

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