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The Glorious Body Workshop at Sareera Center. La Ferme, Auroville

We are material, energetic, social and spiritual beings. What we hardly recognize or experience is that our bodies in their physical substance are made up of energy, love and light. In this study we learn to identify and explore these interrelated dimensions and experiment with bringing their powers into coordinated and simultaneous action.
Our bodies are designed by an intelligence, vast, detailed and inclusive. We may tap into this intelligence by way of seven distinct processes in the body. These processes are represented in our work by the seven symbols shown in the left column below with their corresponding significance:

  • jewel – matter
  • lotus – energy
  • pyramid – power
  • vortex – soul
  • sun – bliss
  • sphere – consciousness
  • point – infinity of being

Through the integration of meditation, bodywork and dance, we learn to perceive, harmonize, and unify body, heart and mind with their various conditions of substance, qualities of energy and levels of consciousness.
The guided and spontaneous exploration of the material that reveals the body’s potential for regeneration is a joyous and fascinating process; it involves work as individuals, as partners and in groups.

This workshop runs for 5 to 7 days, mornings 9am–12noon and afternoon 1.30-5pm or evening 8-11pm. There is an introductory version of the course especially for people with little or no experience of meditation, bodywork or dance and a version for those having knowledge and experience already who want to develop their skills and deepen their insights. Healers, teachers and artists find this workshop stimulating and informative.

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Polarity Therapy and Wellness Education at La Ferme

Polarity Therapy gives us an understanding of the relationships between:
bodily substance and structure,
the energy of feeling and will,
the flow of cognition and perception. Polarity Therapy is an esoteric healing art derived from Ayurveda and practiced over the millennia. It was reformulated in modern terms by Randolph Stone, physician, healer and wellness educator. In this workshop basic training involves:
an in-depth study of the qualities and operations of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, ether,
of the three gunas, or polarities: tamas (density), rajas (intensity), satva (luminosity)
the three doshas or imbalances, kapha (physical dullness), pitta (emotional agitation), vatta (mental distraction)
This workshop is geared to make the student thoroughly familiar with the general Polarity bodywork session that consists of manipulative techniques for releasing energy blocks, charging energy fields and balancing energy currents. This is a concentrated and intense process that may radically alter our perceptions, making room for healing, whatever the need. Applications of the principles of Wellness-Education emphasize the responsibility and freedom we have to awaken the healer within. We work with Polarity Therapy to release the power flowing through body and soul and between healer and recipient.

This a 7-10 day workshop, morning 9am-12noon and afternoon 2-6pm. The workshop is particularly useful for healing practitioners and wellness educators. People with health issues or physical, emotional and mental problems are welcome; all participants will be asked to study and practice in both modes, as healer and recipient.
A certificate is given to those who have successfully completed the course and further training is open to them. This is an appropriate point at which to state that the Centre’s responsibility ends when we are no longer supervising. What people choose to do in their own practice with the knowledge and skills gained is their responsibility. Mikael and team are very much available for individual consultation during and following on from the workshop.

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Two Bodies as One at La Ferme

This workshop is about cultivating vibrant and reliable partnership on the basis of a shared perception of onenes, so come as a couple: spouses, relatives or friends or come solo and find a like minded partner to work with.
We concentrate on perceiving the sphere around us that is our consciousness, energy and substance, pervading and containing the two of us as one. There is no erotic charge in this precisely calibrated method which is nevertheless intimate and sensitive. Every impulse that arises, of thought, feeling or sensation, is placed in the context of a larger reality by the balance and distribution of the vertical and horizontal energies that flow between us.
Through touch, embrace, breathing, posture and gaze we are brought together in a meditation in which we are receptive and responsive to each other’s creative initiative in a play which merges us and lets us be ourselves.
This healing process charges us with delight and vitality that takes us beyond the constraints of habitual giving and expecting. Free of the tension generated by the constant effort to bridge the separation we celebrate the moment by moment opportunity to be one with the mind, life and body of the other with simplicity and ease. We take time during the workshop to talk about the discoveries we are making in the process and about our particular concerns.

This is a three day workshop, mornings 9am-12noon and afternoons 1.30-5pm.

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Polarity Therapy and Wellness education at Sareera center La Ferme, Auroville

Polarity Therapy and Wellness education See polarity therapy workshop description

January 2 to February 2
Monday to Friday
Mornings 9 am to 1 pm
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