Healing Therapy

is especially useful in giving deep and immediate relief from physical, emotional and mental stress, whatever the symptoms, chronic or acute. As well, it brings about a deeply relaxed state of body, heart and mind in which the patient can feel and understand the underlying causes of the stress or illness and how he can aspire and work to restore or create balance in his or her life.

People who suffer from long term pains and ailments, who are continually tense and nervous, who have too much,too little or no energy or are in an immediate crisis: all these can benefit enormously from this therapy in as few as 1-3 sessions. Polarity therapy boosts wellness so anyone who is exploring wellness, personal growth, or integration of body, soul and mind will be greatly stimulated and sensitized in their aspiration for knowledge and fulfillment.

Polarity Therapy was one of the first alternative systems of healing to become established in the West with training centers in USA and Europe. It returns to India from where it originally came, having been developed from the Science of Wellbeing, Ayurveda, by its founder Randolph Stone. With an understanding of the workings, in mind, life and body, of the five elements, ether/space, air/movement, fire/force, water/flow, earth/form, dullness is transformed into peace and presence, agitation into harmonized vitality, and distraction into clarity and the sense of wholeness that is essentially within and above is restored to our thinking feeling and action.

Treatment is threefold: integrating bodywork, energizing of chakras meridians and aura, discussion and counseling.

“Who am I in essence?” and “What am I in manifestation?” and “What is the relationship between my essential being and manifest self?”, “What role does free will have in my life?”, “What am I free to create and to change, to do and undo?”, “How can I shift from patterns of separation in feeling, thought and action to joyful participation and a living unity?”
A counseling session addresses the above questions and the support of optional bodywork will engage the client in a dialogue that brings to light where and how they are stuck in a self-created patterns and what they can learn to do about it.