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Yoga Nidra at TBA

Yoga Nidra, conscious sleep, is the practice of entering into a deeply relaxing and healing trance.
Coordinating breath, hands and eyes, Yoga Nidra swiftly establishes a concentrated state of awareness in which the body’s substance is refreshed its energy field replenished and the mind quieted. Once you are familiar with the technique you will be able to go into yoga nidra during a short rest period when tired or tense. People who practice regularly report that that they come out of a ten to twenty minute session feeling as if they have had the benefits of a full night’s sleep.

Integral Meditation at TBA

Kabbala and the Integral Yoga both teach us that we live on four interconnected levels:

the spiritual level of Light
the psychic level of Love
the vital level of Power
the material level of Substance

Using the fourfold breath we learn to distinguish each of these levels in the body and in our perceptual field and progressively to apply this knowledge to the exploration of all four levels simultaneously. As our meditation deepens the silent core of being reveals itself.
This weekly or twice weekly 1 hour class offers a technique that can be practiced as a formal meditation and equally as a way to energize, stabilize, celebrate and find clarity, in any situation where balance is needed.

Dancing Astrology at TBA

The archetypal arrangement of character, behavior and perception delineated in astrology is explored through dance and meditative movement. Earth, water, fire and air partner each other to work in twelve distinct bodily regions:

Impetus aries earthy Fire eyes and brow
Poise taurus watery Earth neck
Speech gemini earthy Air face arms and lungs
Provision cancer earthy Water hands and chest
Strength leo watery Fire solar plexus
Measure virgo airy Earth belly
Balance libra fiery Air waist and kidneys
Stimulus scorpio fiery Water hips and sex
Direction sagittarius airy Fire thighs and circulation
Structure capricorn fiery Earth knees
Freedom aquarius watery Air caves and ankles
Unity pisces airy Water feet and crown

Each of the twelve potentialities works on the whole body and the symphony of all these frequencies is what we discover ourselves to be.

This weekly or twice weekly class is 1 hour and 15 mins, late morning and early evening. It is open to all those who love to dance and are interested in an approach to the body that must necessarily be both highly structured and spontaneous.

Mon 6PM - 7:15PMMikael