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Polarity Therapy and Wellness Education at Sareera Center, La Ferme, Auroville

Polarity Therapy holds the keys to the understanding of complex and simple relationships between bodily substance and structure, energy frequencies, sensation, will and cognition.

Polarity Therapy is the esoteric healing art of the Ayurvedic tradition, cultivated over the millennia and rediscovered and elaborated in modern terms by the late Dr. Randolph Stone, physician, healer and naturopath.

In this workshop basic training involves an in-depth study of the qualities and operations of the following: – the five elements: earth(solid structure}, water (organic flow), fire(force and will), air(movement), ether(space). – the three gunas (universal polarities): tamas (density), rajas (intensity), satva (luminosity). – the three doshas (primary imbalances): kapha (dullness), pitta (agitation), vatta (distraction).

The general Polarity Session consists of manipulative bodywork for releasing energy blocks, opening energy fields and balancing energy currents. This is done within a sensitive and organized material, psychosocial and spiritual understanding of the body-soul-continuum. Applications of the principles of Wellness-Education emphasize the responsibility we have and the creative freedom we can activate to awaken the healer within and release the healing power that dwells in the practitioner/client relationship.

July 12 to September 10
Monday through Friday mornings 10.30am-12.30pm
+91 93454 51736
Remembering Oneness at La Ferme

There are depths to the integration of body and spirit that can’t be conceptualized but only explored and experienced. Weekly sessions are open to those willing to plunge into an ongoing study and practice of individual and group awakening to the connection between who we are (essence) and what we are (manifestation). An experienced guide leads the participants on a journey of movement and stillness, music and silence. We are encouraged to let go progressively of our habitual patterns of movement and open ourselves to being in the free and unified flow of consciousness, energy and substance.
We learn in session how to know no-thing so that knowledge arises from being rather than from the effort to relate to and grasp the objects or subjects to be known. Most of our feeling, thinking and sensing is based on an assumed division between ourselves and what we perceive. Living in a world of division, it is hard for us to imagine, let alone practice, oneness, yet, yielding to the living oneness can happen in the most natural way.
These weekly or twice weekly sessions last 2-2 1/2 hours, a commitment to attend 6 to 12 sessions and always to prepare for sessions by resting and letting the day’s concerns fade is required from participants.

Tuesdays and Fridays 8pm-10pmMikael