The Center

In search of the Glorious Body, the Sareera Centre offers a program of workshops, classes, sessions, consultations, treatments and group projects. People with health concerns, be they psychological or physical, are welcome to partake of therapy and attend classes. Those whose focus is not particularly on difficulties but who wish to grow in knowledge and well being will find that an occasional or even single class or workshop makes a difference. And you are welcome to join classes and workshops for extended periods

*THIS WINTER 2012 Mikael will be giving workshops and individual sessions in Auroville from December to March

JANUARY 2 to February 2 : Polarity Therapy and Wellness Education Workshop at the Sereera Center, La Ferme, Auroville WEEKLY classes in Dancing Astrology, Mondays 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. are ongoing at the New Creation Dance Studio. DURING the Winter season Mikael is offering individual polarity sessions and meditation classes at the Centre and an open group meditation on Sundays (11am to 12pm) at his home.

This website provides metaphysical, theoretical and technical material to support the work in the body , with charts and diagrams, illustrations and guided contemplations as well as exercises on video.

The premise is that Oneness is an essential truth at the very core of every human being and all existence. The emotional, mental and physical problems and insufficiencies in our daily lives- agitation, distraction, dullness-keep us unaware of the connection between our individual experience and a living consciousness of Oneness. The teachings of the adepts remind us, now and ever, that Energy, or Shakti, is necessary and sufficient, no matter what our purpose, manner or method or whether we are seeking higher consciousness, self improvement, healing for our ailments or a wonderful time.

You are very welcome to join our open classes as often as you wish with no need to register ahead of time. If you are coming for a concentrated period of study through ongoing sessions and workshops, or for private therapy and healing over an extended time, we will need to be in contact beforehand to make arrangements and find out more about each other and about how to work together.
We are based in the international city of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India, which is dedicated to human unity and to spiritual and material research. If you’re coming from abroad or from other parts of India, accommodation for every budget and taste can be arranged for you in the area, or you may make your own arrangements through the internet etc.

If you are new to Auroville and Pondicherry you will find that there is a lot to explore here in the way of yoga and healing activities, workshops on sustainability, alternative energy, art, education, spirituality and world peace, and of architectural wonders, both traditional and innovative, with side trips into the South Indian world, swimming, riding, shopping, restaurants and plenty of opportunity to relax.

The dynamic atmosphere of this spiritual, social and ecological experiment, Auroville, now in its 44th year, welcomes and supports all those endeavouring to bring about a more integrated world.
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For most of the year our center offers sessions, ongoing courses, open classes and workshops in Auroville, as well as private consultations and individual therapy and healing.

Workshops are conducted regularly, mostly during the winter, and last 3, 7 or 10 days. Courses take place over three months,in programs of one meeting per week to five classes per week.

Accommodation for different needs and tastes is available in and around Auroville and can be arranged for you by the Centre.
Workshops and private consultations can also be arranged in New York, Los Angeles, The Hague, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem whenever I travel.

Contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to hear about you and your interests and aims.

See below for the range of workshops, classes, sessions and treatments and consultations