About The Team

Mikael Spector
I am an experienced Polarity therapist, counselling psychologist, and teacher of dance and of meditation techniques. A follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I have been associated with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and living in Auroville since ’76. During this time I have been assembling a body of knowledge integrating his experience of the Integral Yoga, Kabalah, Tantra and Ayurveda (the basis of Polarity Therapy) Toltec Shamanism, Meditation and Dance. I conduct workshops and regular classes and work with individuals in the context of healing therapy or of study and research.
Please feel free to email me if there is anything particular about my work or the website that you would like to discuss.

Associated with the work are:

Adar has been living in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville since the 1970s and has developed a synthesis between dance and meditation which is both intuitive and highly disciplined. Spiritual and physical Oneness is the theme of her work, powerful healing and evolution of body heart and mind the outcome. Her sessions are open to all who are in search of an ever deepening authenticity and evergrowing integration of the being in dance and meditation.

Aurelio, an Aurovillian, is a musicologist who invents and manufactures musical instruments and puts on performances that feature them. His interest is in the shamanic aspect of sound in the development of yogic consciousness and he studies constantly with musicians and yogis, forever in search of fresh ways to communicate. He bases his teaching on the integration of sound meditation and physical expression.

M. Premila is happy to do Tarot readings with people participating in Mikaels’ workshops or classes. The pack is a mystery teaching in itself in which all the components of the perennial philosophy, elements, powers, states of mind are assembled to bring the light of higher mind to the intelligence through numbers, symbols, images, gestures, shapes, signs and colours. A layout is a map of the present with all its energies, tendencies and potential. M. Premila works with Mikael on the book, The Glorious Body, and helps put the material together for the website.
“I find Mikael’s work tremendously informative and useful in any physical activity and when working with other practices such as Yoga asanas. The Tarot is of course based upon the exact same paradigms and traditions as the Glorious Body: the five elements, the Tree of life, the Zodiac, alchemy, sacred geometry and and so overlaps beautifully with this study and practice”.

Amir encourages people to be change-makers in daily life and for the earth. He is involved with CONVERGENCE, an ecological initiative engaging Aurovillians and guests to raise their consciousness through discussion and practice of “Deep ecology”, “Awareness Through the Body”, “Phenomenology” and “Integral Yoga”. Working with the intention of developing capacity for attention, concentration relaxation and refining the senses to evolve into a wider, harmonious sense of being.